Kyäni Sunset

Kyani Sunset provides 'unparalleled nutritional support' to the cardiovascular and immune systems. Sunset is formulated with only lipid-soluble nutrients and is comprised of four key ingredients.  Omega-3s obtained from the purest form of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon(mercury-free!)  Vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols, the most powerful form of vitamin E. Beta Carotene, a natural source of Vitamin A, and the essential Vitamin D.  Best taken in the evening, when the body's lipid activities are at 'their peak.'

Why Use Sunset?

Assists with...
• Supporting Cardiovascular Health
• Reducing inflammation
• Encouraging Healthier Skin and Hair
• Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels
• Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
• Supporting Cognitive Function
• Supporting Cell Membranes
• Providing Potent Vitamin E
• Promoting Healthy Immune Response

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