Soul Light Expo October 16, 2016


Visit the Invigor8 Your Energy Now booth and attend my educational talk on:

Stress Management and Personal Energy Regeneration – (2-2:45 p.m.)

Let’s explore practical tools to assist in coping with stress and enhancing daily energy levels. Self-empower yourself today by learning how to detach from stress and feel complete. Techniques are based on the research and practice of health and wellness pioneer Dr. Norman Shealy.

As a certified Bliss Healer, I look forward to helping you learn more 
about regenerating your energy with inspiring solutions like Dr. Norman Shealy's Sacred Bliss Oils. The session's focus will be on the Ring of Air and locating points on the body that assist in reducing stress. Based on decades of research and his book Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path, Dr. Shealy has shown that transcutaneous acupuncture with the self-healing system called Sacred Rings with Bliss Oils (sans needles!) can assist in activating energetic circuits in the body. 

Transcutaneous acupuncture, coined by Dr. Shealy as "the most important advance in acupuncture in 4,000 years!"  

come by my booth or learn more about this self-empowering technique in my informative talk. 


In addition to Sacred Ring Bliss Oils, I will also represent additional products that assist with boosting your energy. Products like Kyani's Triangle of Health and 
Q-Link protection from electromagnetic pollution.  Self-empower yourself ~today~ by learning more about these life changing tools and techniques! 

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