Meditation Tools

Meditation is quieting the mind to stillness and peace. In today's hectic world we need to incorporate a process of quieting the mind so we can reboot for a new day. I liken the process to imagining the mind as a still lake, clear and placid. Every time a thought comes in- it is like a ripple in the still lake. As the ripple moves through it always brings the lake back to stillness. The cycle becomes...observe, breathe, clear to listen. People often ask, "what is the difference between prayer and meditation?" Dr. Wayne Dyer would coin the response perfectly, he would often state, "prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God." Thus, it is seeking quiet moments to listen where we hook into the power of our spirit. 

One of the best ways to begin to incorporate a practice of stillness is to listen to guided meditations.  Once you can relax over time with this technique, then one can move to trying to elicit a still state of mind independently. Below are some guided meditative tools to get you started.  If you can make a serious commitment to relaxation, then Autogenic training will garnish the best results, as it has been the most researched technique for stress reduction. It requires listening to the track or repeating specific statements twice a day-every day for at least 3 months for it to be effective. If this commitment is too much at first, then try committing to a guided meditation track when you can find the time.

Any action towards calming the mind can help-just take a step to try a technique that fits best for you!

TIP #1:
AUTOGENIC TRAINING: The most scientifically researched self-regulation stress management technique!

TIP #2:

Jarrad Hewett is a best-selling author who is gifted with clairaudience and clairvoyance. He 
helps others to understand their divine nature in these beautiful meditations.

15 Minute Release Everything Energy Journey~From Jarrad Hewett

Jarrad Hewett's Release Everything Energy Journey

13 Minute Prayer of Empowerment~From Jarrad Hewett

Prayer of Empowerment from Jarrad Hewett

TIP #3:
Mas Sajady was able to get in touch with higher frequencies after he had two near death experiences. He is devoted to helping people all over the world access these higher pure source frequencies. When we can be present in our own bodies, we invite our higher self in, thus connect closer to a higher source. Mas has a series of FREE podcasts. I personally have found his work life changing!