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Get Closer to Your Higher Self

posted Sep 12, 2015, 8:11 AM by R Biondi   [ updated Feb 23, 2017, 6:00 PM ]
Did you ever wonder how to get closer to your higher self? I have pondered that question for many, many years. I have tried so many modalities to help calm my mind and listen. One tool I found very helpful in imaging higher self is the Chart of Your Divine Self. This very powerful image can provide you with an image to focus on when you want to quiet your mind. 

The bottom image is you in your physical form. Notice how there is a violet tube around you?  Well, this tube is the spiritual violet fire of the Holy Spirit. It is has a thin outer layer of white light. When you can envision your self wrapped in holy light, you feel loved, protected and at peace. Maintaining balance and harmony in your life is how you connect to this tube of light and love. 

Notice how there is a white cord coming out of the top of your head? It connects you to the second level, your higher self. This can also be your holy Christ Self or your guardian angel. Whatever resonates with you is okay. The highest level is God Consciousness basking in the layers of rainbow light. This is what is meant by the holy phrase, "I am that I am." 

Focusing on any part of this image can help you connect to a higher energy field of the divine, regardless of your religion or denomination. Lastly, this image helps you to 'see' the invisible world of energy and the divine.

Watch a Video Explanation of the Chart of Your Higher Self:

Your Divine Self