Bliss Oils From Dr. Shealy

~Inspiring Solutions for Personal Energy Regeneration~

World renowned physician and wellness pioneer, Dr. Norman Shealy has discovered five energetic 
acupuncture circuits or Rings. These five circuits are represented by the elements of crystal, fire, air, earth and water. Each circuit has it's own mixture of Bliss essential oils.  Each essential oil blend is placed and rolled onto specific acupuncture points to activate each circuitous Ring. The oil blends are not for diffusing or cosmetic use. These blends provide specific assistance to an aspect of your body system simply by applying them to certain energy points on the skin.

These energy circuit points have been scientifically studied, as Dr. Shealy has spent at least 18 years evaluating these Rings. Consequently, this technique has been coined 'Transcutaneous Acupuncture.'
  This self-empowering method is simple to apply as it uses essential oils on the skin to stimulate acupuncture points in 30 seconds or less and without needles! 

Dr. Shealy considers his discovery and work on these rings as the most "
important advance in acupuncture in 4,000 years, as it allows individuals to activate the various Rings themselves."  
Lastly, the oils are considered sacred, as they are a Sacrament of the Nemenhah Native American Church.

The Ring of Crystal
helps to balance the energetic system and assists in stimulating the body's natural piezoelectric nature. It does this by helping to reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage cells within the body and can contribute to aging, inflammation and disease.  According to Dr. Shealy, free radical damage to cells can contribute to over 200 major diseases!

The Ring of Fire helps to regulate the entire endocrine system, including the thyroid. It assists in raising the hormone DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, the most important health-enhancing hormone. As we age, the production of this hormone can decrease over time. Increasing levels can help to minimize pain, neuropathy, depression, inflammation, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

The Ring of Air can help to restore levels of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone, know as the 'bonding and nurturing hormone' may help to overcome stress and reduce muscle and nerve tension. 

The Ring of Earth targets calcitonin, the essential thyroid hormone for maintaining bone strength and reducing pain. Calcitonin is considered the strongest pain relieving hormone in the body, can be 40 to 60 times more powerful than morphine! 

The Ring of Water can help regulate the hormone aldosterone. This adrenal hormone is known to assist with regulating water and potassium health.

The Ring of Life
is currently being studied as an energy ring to help rejuvenate telomeres. In each cell, telomeres are the ends of chromosomes within our human DNA. Think of telomeres like the plastic tips on the end of a shoe lace. The tips protect the lace from getting frayed. Essentially, telomeres help us to protect our genetic data upon cell division and protect how our cells age.  As a natural part of the aging process, telomeres are shortened. Yet, they can also shorten from lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress. Stay tuned for more as Dr. Shealy releases his scientific findings soon.

I am currently one of five certified Transcutaneous Acupuncture™ Bliss Healers in the state of Connecticut!

Based on his recently published book, Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path, Dr. Shealy describes how each specific oil blend works effectively.    Don't miss Dr. Shealy's New Book!

Learn about the extraordinary life of this holistic medicine pioneer!

Interview with Dr. Norman Shealy hosted by Missouri State University